About Us

Established in 2014, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a San Francisco-based craft bakery credited with the rise of cruffins, neon signage, and at least two Grammy-nominated artists. Don’t google that.

Who is Mr Holmes?

Mr. Holmes is a San Francisco baker’s childhood cat. He currently resides in Brisbane, is a very good boy, and does not currently accept media inquires.


What is a Cruffin?

Well, if you like portmanteaus, you’ll love the cruffin. Croissant/Muffin. Heaven/Earth. Birth/Death. The choice is yours…

Mr Holmes Hands Logo

A Traditional Viennoiserie Bakery

Laminated dough. Layers of dough and butter folded into itself dozens of times. The result is flaky nirvana that does your lap no favors. Glorious flakes everywhere.


How the Donuts are Made?

Hand-rolled brioche dough filled with a smorgasbord of curds, creams and jams.

Greatest Hits

What can we say? We look good on camera.

Mr Holmes Baking
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Spore