Who is Mr. Holmes?

Mr. Holmes is a San Francisco baker’s childhood cat. He currently resides in Brisbane, is a very good boy, and does not currently accept media inquiries.

What is a cruffin?

Well, if you like portmanteaus, you’ll love the cruffin. Croissant/Muffin. Heaven/Earth. Birth/Death. The choice is yours…

Okay… Weird answer. What else do you make?

Aren’t all answers weird? Anyway, we consider ourselves a traditional Viennoiserie bakery with an eye for the stars.


Laminated dough. Layers of dough and butter folded into itself dozens of times. The result is flaky nirvana that does your lap no favours. Glorious flakes everywhere.

Is that how the donuts are made?

Now you’re getting it. And no, absolutely not, what’s wrong with you? Our donuts are hand-rolled brioche dough filled with a smorgasbord of curds, creams, and jams.

Wow. Rude. What’s up with the flavours?

Politeness is a construct. Our flavours, both cruffin and donut, are changed on a [ADD SCHEDULE] basis. We’ll do Shonan Gold Cream Pie or Pandan Tres Leches Cake.